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About me

My career #

I've been building web sites for since 2003, and become a bit of an expert (so I've been told) in creating responsive and accessible web sites.

I started my career in Norway - building custom templates in HTML and CSS for national and multinational corporations such as Telenor Group, Schibsted Media Group, NHO, and SAS Airlines. And multimedia kiosks in Flash.

The “pixel perfect” web sites paved way for a more modular and responsive web design approach. Git versioning and automated build processes arrived to help with the development process.

Today I take an inclusive design approach for building on the web.

I keep usability, accessibility, performance, privacy and security in mind when building products which I know will make an impact on others’ lives.

I work autonomously, whilst collaborating with teams and colleagues, and asking myself what impact my decisions will have.

Attracted by mountains and nature I relocated to Chamonix in France with my family in 2011, but am originally from Oslo, Norway.

Contact #

Chamonix, France
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Colophon #

This website is my personal bare-bones MVP, built on the Eleventy static site generator and hosted on Netlify.