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Front of the front-end expert for sale

There are 2 types of front-end developers #

I, and potential employers and clients, have been caught up by this more than once. So it’s important that you are aware of which one I am.

There are 2 types of front-end developers: Front of the front-end and back of the front-end web developers.

1: Front of the front-end #

A front-of-the-front-end developer is a web developer who specialises in writing HTML, CSS, and presentational JavaScript code. Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

2: Back of the front-end #

A web developer who specialises in writing JavaScript code necessary to make a web application function properly. Sometimes also referred to as full-stack, hybrid, back-end, engineer, or app developer.

I belong to the front of the front-end #

Category 1: Front of the front-end is where my expertise shines.

Though if you have a look at the keywords at the bottom of the page you’ll also see that I do have skills to work partially in the back of the front-end as well.

So if you care about great user interfaces, accessibility, performance, responsiveness, usability, transparency and information sharing - keep reading!

With that out of the way, I can tell you what I have on offer. I am an expert in what is known as the “front of the front-end”.

Front-end #

HTML, CSS, and to a certain extent JavaScript are my main technologies. But rather than building apps, I moved further into UX and accessibility.

UX #

Pretty much anything under the UX umbrella; Wireframing, usertesting, card sorting, IA, user stories, prototyping. I find it all interesting and relevant to front-end development. I also used to be a designer, and work well along designers. Did I mention Design Systems? Yes please, love them!


I’m always testing new methodologies and best practises for CSS, and sharing this with colleagues. The same goes for accessibility, tools, and other subjects of all sorts.

What I can do for your team #

In my current job I’ve received a fair amount of thanks for showing initiatives outside of regular client work. I’m posting weekly “newsletters” in the front-end slack channel, set up an internal front-end wiki in Notion, mentoring juniors looking for competence improvement, writing articles for the company’s blog, improving the company blog to better display code samples. And as for the project team I’m in, I set up virtual coffee 1-1s to better get to know everyone as well as traveling to meet in real life. By doing so I’ve made myself visible and known within the team as well as company despite being remote from the main offices. And other developers have been able to discuss and try out many of the things that I’ve shared.

This might be obvious after reading this far, but I like agile teams with high transparency and information sharing.

What I can do for your client #

The end-user is always in mind, and so is the client! I involve myself from the start of the information gathering phase all the way through to maintenance after launch, because I enjoy delivering a quality service. Working with different clients gives me the opportunity to learn about their business, their goals, and values. Translating those into code and design, I make sure the client is onboard with the decisions being made. As a former teacher I learned addapting my vocabulary to the client's background, rather than drowning them in tech lingo.

Keywords #

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