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Who I am #

Hi. I'm Eystein Alnæs. I'm a UI developer - a front-of-the-front-end engineer - with a deep love for accessibility, semantic HTML, progressive CSS, and an inclusive web. I'm looking for my next full-time remote role.


What I'm good at #

I care about great user interfaces - accessible, performant, responsive, useable, inclusive websites. I've worked rather hard to be good at it, and can answer any questions about best practices. Design systems have been my solution to maintain large web sites while using best practices since I put together my first pattern library using PHP includes.

I adapt to whichever JS framework is being used within the organisation, though personally I prefer Sveltekit with Sanity Studio (headless CMS).

I have a keen interest in both graphic design and the graphical user interface, and enjoy to liaison with designers and UXers about possibilities and restrictions from a code and accessibility perspective.

Why you'd want to work with me #

Role #

Ethic #

In simple terms, I really enjoy being paid for doing excellent work. I don't take things personally, and though I take pride in what I do, I'm not overly defensive about it. I believe there's value in staying humble, being a good listener, and communicating effectively. Moreover, I highly value honesty and transparency in all aspects of my work and interactions.

I'm particularly interested in accessibility, social good, that sort of thing.

Contact #

You've read all this, so you must be thinking "How do I reach you?!" You can Email me!

You want to know more? You can also download my official CV as a pdf.